Reviews for "Going Down to Newgrounds"


animation was brilliant and it was funny well done, you should feel a mixture of pride and off sucess

Really good

You're right. This video really goes with the song.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Music Videos are fun. :)

Wellllllllllllllllllll I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........

Wellllllllllllllllllllllll I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..................
............ Going down to Newgrounds gonna catch me self some blams. Gonna burry some sticks today Hell, I don't give a damn. And if a 'Noob' get's in my way I'll flame the buggers head. I'm going down to Newgrounds though i should be in bed. Good animation dude. it roks ! I could sing this song all the time! Hope you respond back.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

I respond to everyone who takes time to leave me a note.

...Keep singin'.


LOL that was very funny! Nice job on this flash! :)

stoners-lunchbox responds:

*Sigh* It's already been another year... Denvish day in a week or so! (yay)


That made me laugh my ass off uh oh i cant find it!

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Use a metal detector.

Thanks for watching!