Reviews for "Time for Tubbies"


really funny - i've always hated teletubbies, and you've highlited that!


Ur a genius!!!!!!! love it, dude and wtf whit the clown he was throwing shit or somthing like that!!! lol

Very funny.

The movie is short and funny just how i like it. The graphics could be improved with simple shading instead of gradients and the animation could be smoother [by increasing the frame rate]. The sound was clear and the animation was synced to the audio. The mouths movements could be a bit more realistic. Overall a good job, made me laugh.



the good:
nice graphics and very random humour. very original, too.

the bad:
once again it's the bad lip sync that hurts your movie most.

the ugly:
well, try to improve on your lip sync.

Ehh, ok.

Not the best thing, but not super bad either. Just keep working at it.