Reviews for "game nonsense"


-"Oh punchbag!"
- ' a punchbag?"
-yeaha, punchbag!!"

then BIG- "Froggy?"

Hahahah. Big never thinks of anything else, that even a punchbag robot decides to punch him :)))))

I finally found out that Chris is the character from cartoon that just doesn't fit with Sonic characters ! That makes more sence to knock the crap out of him for being in the movie ))))) LOLOL!!
Insane animation!

CALL FOR - SONIC ADVENTURE 1 !!!!! you once said youre going to make one!! too bad it's not 1 or 2 minute series!

There are bunch of things to make fun of in SN adventure 1!

Like- EGG carrier- where the hell aer the eggs? Load them up onboard!
Omega robot? CMON, use him as a vacuum cleaner!
Emerald island keep falling into ocean 10 times along the way ! :)))
Sonic and Tails fight Eggman and keep losing all emeralds after fight? Why don;t they just give it to him before fight start? LOL
Also- Anyone loved Station Square or Mystic Ruins!?pFFF! Those street characters with cheesy quotes :))

and more more more!

I wish I could of made that animation, but... it's your style! Can't plagyarize.
Hope this animation is still on your planboard!



You Know what they say, everyone hates chris. And so do I! Punching Bag! ahahaha!
Genius. Big fan! what if you did sonic and the Secret Rings? that would be funny.
OK, maybe not but, you know what I mean.


AWESOME except the part right before the ending (with Eggman and Emril). It would have been funnier if it actualy refferanced the game, where emril becomes Ultimate while eggman is aiming yet another ultimate laser cannon at the earth, but the other 95% was hilarious, especialy with chris at the end


The animation is cool!! Great job! Big fan of urs! Lol! Hope to see more of your spectacular work!

Ha ha ha ha!

Chris:hey guys!
Evrybody exept chris: PUNCHBAG!!!!!!!111111111

chris cant take a punch..... nvm! he got wat he deserved! i lotta punches in the face!
wit chris being beat up so much, it must be my birthday! *<:) wait, he getsit evry day.... :P