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Reviews for "Self-Portrait"


This is some of the best flash I've seen on net todate I hope the viewing public can look forward to seeing tons more be you!!!

P.S. Great job keep up the great work


It was so depressing, so simple, and so brutal. It was really beautiful, but in a tragic sick way. I'm wondering if you were depressed when you made this? You're very lucky people love it, it's either a REALLY love it or REALLY hate it situation and as you can tell, most people love it. It was really sad, and is now in my top favorite list.


Cool.... And yet so very disturbing. Such a good job. Yet you wonder were some people get these kinds of ideas...


the animation remins me of Bill Plymton i'm not sure how to spell his name, very smooth and unique, great job

jesus trying to give some one a heart attack?!!

that scared the hell outta me im never watching that again. the music is something david firth would have in his worst nightmare.