Reviews for "ClixSposing Samus"


Indeed an oldie but a goody. But sadly I feel that the reward isn't as satisfying. Personally though I was quite content on just finishing it. But it would of been better if there were options afterwards on fucking her ;)

christ kid

holy shit man, that was the hardest sex game ive evr played in my life! i got a nerd boner by winning, but yea, the ending, its horrible, so not worth the work, just saying, but, still very fun, 8/10


i would like to be samus, then i can get beaten on purposely :p

Finally ...

fuhh , i bet anyone without patients could'nt win this ... its true , metroids just stick all over Samus' body ... kinda boring that part , but beating this just satisfied me ^^ thumbs up for this ( eventhough i've tried countless time b4 )

Good idea but...

TOO HARD! Please make an easier version.