Reviews for "~EnV~ Melody Bischnitz"

lol nice loop

I love the Lead you made it with Sylenth1 right? Nice melody keep up the good work!


As usual, I clicked on the audio knowing already what score I would put on it xD
Seems so easy whaen we hear that, but you play with patts so simply...makes me angry ; )

Very good as always, 5/5, 10/10 !

I adore this simple melody

It's so light but is completely amazing. Just a quick dance tune. I just love hearing awesome dance songs like this that actually make me want to dance! Sucks to see that' you're so busy tho, looking forward to more of your works.


I luv yr songs, i wish there was more lol
good luk with college xx :)


MAKE A FULL SONG love these little loops you do but JESUS MAKES ME WANT IT TO BE LIKE 4 HOURS LONG .........NICE!!!!!!!!!! make more onto it please! anyway thanks for the upload well done and good luck in college