Reviews for "Animal Politics"

Cute... in a good way.

I didn't recognize any of the portrayed world leader besides George W. Bush, Jr., but that's my own fault. Your drawings were very appealing and well crafted. The smog looks realistic. The little jokes about the crappy state of the planet were effective, and overall, this flash did a great job.
In fact, your flash rocked.

I loves me the political stuff!

Very well done and looks great. I am quite impressed.

Holy shit!!

That was great,properly drawn and funny all at the same time!5/5 for you sir!:D good luck!

--Wicked Biscuits

fantastic Flash

incredible stuff, the best flash I have seen on here in a while, TV production quality for sure. Get this on the front page!!


The artwork and animation skills in this flash are truely incredible! FRONT PAGE MATERIAL AND A DAILY FEATURE DAMMIT!

It wasnt only the artwork that was excellent, the characatures of the world leaders were inventive and funny :P

Overall, excellent flash and my hat is off to you sir.