Reviews for "Zelda II - Palace"


I was really suprised, i didn't think this would work in a heavy setting, but i was dead wrong, this is awesome, Good job.

Stage3-1 responds:

Thanks for the review.


18 reviews?! D:< 19th.

i always imagine the most epic Link vs Ganon battle that would ever appear in a Zelda game with this song. its so amazing.

5/5 10/10

Stage3-1 responds:

They started piling up quickly, now I'm attempting to respond to them all. Thanks for the review.

great game

one of the best games of all time...well, for its time. even now its stil badass

Stage3-1 responds:

Oh, definitely. New games are good, in a different way, but the classics are classics for a reason.


10 * from me buddy. Remember dat or you will -die-....
Nah just kidding ... or am i?
Now for the review!
I like the begining it gives a nice atmosphere,and this would be nice to put in a flash. To bad im not creating flashes :P
The fast drums is also a nice touch + the mini solos. Guitar is very nice to.
As the ending it sounds like ''its over...''
Starts again Omg next temple ! XD
EXTRA BONUS : (+ 0.0020) from me =D
10/10 5/5 = awesome dude.
Take care and have a nice day *caugh life caugh*
Cya! :D

Stage3-1 responds:

Very good review. After reading it I think you should make flashes and use all my songs ;)

Very nice

good job