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Reviews for "Black Knight"

This was good fun for the entire family!

Dear Sir, I greatly enjoyed this Flash animation game. I believe that it is fun for the entire family -- the kids loved it! Great work, I'm going to send you $100. And some Hershey's Kisses. Graphics: 10. Why? Because the knight had a beard, and beards are hard to draw. Style: 10. Why? Because it's the best thing since Armani's new line! Sound: 10. Why? Because my ears had orgasms while playing this. Violence: 10. Why? The knight bashes peasants, silly! Interactivity: 10. Why? Many clicks of the mouse. Humor: 10. Why? Bashing people is funny, especially in real life! Overal: a big fat 10! Great work!


what up yo u da pimp all thats bad with it is its gets hard fast but maybe im not good freshizzle but man for a flash game this is the shit

make more peace out nig

Wow - but boring after a while...

I think this is the first game to actually disserve 10s in each of the areas - it covers all of em. But i think you should make the shop more interesting with more stuff (stil love the music) - i got the top weapon at the beg of level 4 and i couldnt be stuffed to play past level 11 - I think that 51000 pieces of gold is enough to get the queen a pool! - It gets too repetitive otherwise (maybe introduce more characters) - all that said, it still hooked me on this game for 55min which is amazing with my concentration span!

10s across the board!

I love this game! Hours of amusment.

Make more like this!!!Q

this game is sweet

i made it so far then so many witches came out i hit them by mistake then i lost