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Reviews for "Black Knight"

Childhood shit right here


This one's still a classic, just wish there was actually an end to it since it becomes pretty much unlosable once you're able to afford every upgrade and potion.

It's an old one, but still worth a few minutes of your time whenever you're bored. My only complaint is that eventually, no matter how well you do, the coin goal for the level will reach a 'No-Win' scenario, where even a perfect run won't get you enough to progress. It's still a charmer, though, even after over a decade.

Good graphics and funny animation, causing havoc is fun, but gets boring fast. After you buy the strongest weapon, which is too easy and levels just repeat themselves it becomes boring. Gameplay is shallow. Needs more challenge, more danger, more upgrades, more abilities. The game should also have an ending so that there is something to strive to because it becomes senseless fast.