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Reviews for "Silver Kiss - Xeon RMX (Demo)"

What a crazy random happenstance!

It has been a LONG time since I have been on this silly little site. Everyone who listened to shitty newgrounds-core is growing up and being replaced by new 15 year olds. lol. Unlike many here, your sound has grown. This is an epic intro... now make the rest of this 7:26 long song and I will DL it... haha.

I didn't stop making music. I just stopped posting here. Actually I went to college and am majoring in Inter-media Music Technology. That being said I haven't really produced much of anything for a while now: I have been learning like a boss. This winter my compositional counterpart and I will hunker down and produce an EP. I will let you know.

Smooth track man, really make it your own and get your hands on Ozone 4 by izotope and win at life.

Hey bro

First of all, I like the fact someone's remixing my song :D
It's hardly ever happened before so wooo happy :)

Some tips on the song:

1) Remove the compressor or limiter or maximizer or soundgoodizer from the master channel, they screw the dynamics of the song. Untrained ears (NG) wont really noticed this issue though.

2)The classic intro is epic, but a tad too long imo.

Good work with future productions :)

Cheers, Kr1z