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Reviews for "go go go"


Excellent, One Of The Best Flashes Ive Seen All Day!

I'm actually quite pissed at this...

Everything in it is stolen from other sources and just framebyframe drawn over. I know because I've seen every single one of those fight scenes before. I can't give you a high score on this, sorry.

Good, but NOT origonal, so low rating.

I swear, you took some of that from Naruto, frame for frame. Thats just gay. And toping it by using MUSIC from naruto. Well, thats just stupid. Please to and think up your own flashes, you could to better.

Dude - this was a great flash

I just KNEW you had to watch naruto, and my feelings were comfirmed once i saw the song name :)

Have to say one part i knew from a jackie chan movie, but it was still GREAT

<3 !

decent fbf animation

next time you should make something entirely of your own though. All the parts you had were a copy of fight scenes from other works though. I recognized 1st part as samurai champloo, 3rd part from Mr. Nice Guy, and 4th part from Shaolin Soccer. Perhaps you can tell me the rest.