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Reviews for "DnB-X005 Drum Machine"

i dony mind it :S

i dont mind it ......not bad its good can be made better


i freakin love this thing....the only thing that it needs is a save feature.....i actually had really low expectations for this but it was amazingly fun.....make another one dude!!!

What IS up!?!?

I can't find out how to get bass as my first selection. And i can't the knobs to move at the bottom. Make more beats too...


I can't explain how I find this game it's just...so real! I'ts fun and entertaining. If possible make a sequel eventually, it's really interesting.

Not bad!

That was pretty good but it got confusing at some points. The controls were a little hard to understand but once I got it, it was pretty easy and fun. Next time, allow for more customization and beats.