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Reviews for "DnB-X005 Drum Machine"

Not my kind of thing

It was okay, but I'm not really a mixer person, I prefer making demos on keyboard.

This is addicting

Once I started playing I didn't want to stop!

I fucking love this *starts crying*

Fucking beautiful.... Im a mixer freak and a flash freak......THUS I wanted to make something like this but I dont have the skills for the actionscripting or the drawing....my hand is always have spaz attacks and I can't make a perfect whatever.....yeh....amazing game

improvment please

it's ok but it needs a LOT of IMPROVEMENT! sorry but it stinks. not very good at all


sorry,NG staff,but my profile is neutral,but after seeing that bullshit,i feel like going dark!!!that was crap.i'll watch some RAB to put me in a better mood.that game was retarded.....