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Reviews for "Mario's Jump In 2 (HR)"

Awsome I Loved It!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a lot better than the first one, and I loved the fight with birdo!!

Cream-E responds:

Thanks dude. I needed to hear that. :)


very cool

to craiger1
please spellcheck your reviews before posting them when you find errors on simple words like

Mario (you spelled it Mairo)
Graphics (you spelled it Grafics)
You (U?)
Awesome (you spelled it Awsome)
then you forgot a word

"that would >BE< awesome"

every day i look at these reviews and i am just disgusted by how few can spell simple words or use letter and numbers like R is it that difficult to add an A and an E on each end of that R or when people use 4 isn't it easy enough to just type For (not FOUR)

please people spellcheck spellcheck spellcheck it's not hard at all

Excellent !

I really liked this flash, that´s a very good idea to make a flash like this.
Keep the GOOOD work up.

great flash!

Its a great flash about ROTMK. keep up the good work =D


You should make one show like this but with Power Star! :)