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Reviews for "God's Playing Field"

Here are the secrets and what they do!

Read the whole list something important at botem
1.Sweetness-Beat the game.
2.Woohoo-Everyone wears a hat.
3.Slowtime-Slows enemies down.
4.Supercharge-Speeds up enemies.
5.Richify-Gives you a million dollars!
6.Sticky-Only stick figures on the screen.
7.Desticky-Undos the previous code.
8.Freefall secret messege.
9.Crazymonkey-Unlocks freestyle mode and all secrets.
(First letter of each code is lowercase.)

It's pretty good.

Second one is better though ahha

Incredibly addictive

All the different extermination methods were so hilarious really XD But like all addictive games, it gets a little boring after a while :(
Random animation was also random XD

Love it!

really fun and addicting :P.

how to unlock the freestyle?

type sweetness and thier lots of wepons and type richify and you will get 1millon money but coooooool