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Reviews for "Nursery Nightmare"


I LOVE IT! maybe a little scarier..

3kliksphilip responds:

Thanks. How could I go about making it scarier?


awesome work, man. Sounds like somethig that would come from from Left 4 Dead. Here is something random and funny(sorta):



It's a darn good job, as most people have noted. If you're really interested in making it scarier a good first step would be to down the tempo. You could also play with certain sounds that not necesarily make up for music but help in setting a mood.

An example of that would be Silent Hill's soundtracks. Most of the games have an erie sound that doesn't really come of as background music, like in the first game during the "slow" or "relaxing" scenes that were when the player talked to other characters, there is a sort of static organ playing in the background.

I still think it's an impressive work you've done with this mix.

3kliksphilip responds:

Thanks. I didn't ever want this song to be scary, in fact I think that it's one of the happiest sounding songs that I've made. But I made it early one rainy morning before the sun came up and it wasn't the happiest time of my life, so it still reminds me of it. Imagine a messy room, caffeinated drinks and no one to talk to.


Ok that's wierd, as soon as i heard this song i thought "3kliksphillip" (because it sounds like your other songs), then i looked at your profile and wtf'd.

Yeah, i've heard your other songs, awesome.

sounds like a video game boss theme. very nice tune and beat. i think more songs like this would go far.