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Reviews for "Cat Lady - 2007"

Loved it!

Absolutely loved the song, especially from one minute onwards. It feels like there really should be a lot more to it... please, I beg you - make it longer! It's an awesome song, and it rates as high as bittersweet symphony remix for me, which is my second most favourite song of all times. The first being The Box by Orbital, (the Unnamed remix.)

Awesome song, 5/5 10/10.

Most talented producer ever

Honestly man, you have so much potential. It makes me angry that you haven't had an insane breakthrough (as in $$$).

Please listen to me when I say you should consider making a portfolio for making music for films, and I mean the big screen. This track alone could have been in a wide variety of movies. DO IT.


the melody is almost Stone In Focus by Aphex Twin! like this song alot

cornandbeans responds:

Stone in Focus is my absolute favorite song in the world, and I mean that!

So calming

You dry me crazy man, one minute you make crazy intense songs and then you switch to mellow.

I really enjoy the laid back-ness of this song. I can imagine me driving in a low rider shooting some gangstas to this haha. xD

very cool man! keep it up!

Love it.

I especially loved the percussion.

More, plz?