Reviews for "Brainsick [DEMO] - 2008"

i love this heavy stuff

reminds me of dracula , posidon, etc. this makes me like the neurofunk genre!

i cant wait until the day you release full of the heavy tracks because it sounds absolutely amazing. not to mention professional. i never buy CDs usually... but i would buy this one. awesome stuff!!!!

How did you make the Bass?

I need to know how you made the resse, like the growling bass.
I wan2 make some dnb but i would like it to sound more like this.


So EVIL. This is really crazy, I can't imagine trying to put a music video with this, greatd rums and EPIC BASS. I notice you did a colab with jala-fox and manged to make his song 20X better than the other stuff. YOUZ AWESOME!


great job with drum n bass in terms of how soft this unique one is.Not very many people can mak a drum n bass without it being loud and annoying.Can i have your autograph?

Holy awesomeness!!!!!

:D :D :D :D