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Reviews for "Mario Mix for Piano"

OOOHH! The Glory Days!!

it all comes back to me now and i feel so old... anyway this was well performed


Haha, I remember hearing this when I watched "Dumbass Mario".

Love this song! Cute and perky!

The beginning is so cute. Then it progresses into something else. It transforms into a peaceful song. Very nice.

When it got to this part, I was surprised. It was sounding so peaceful, then it jumps into that. Haha, I liked it!

This sounded a little weird to me. A mistake perhaps?

Overall, I loved this song! ^^

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~The Koopa Clan~


Im loving it!!

the good old days

this brings back memories, the koopa shell tossing, the goomba skwishing, and all the rest. just for that i give you a 10 and 5, its good to make remix, but alot of others tend to lose the actual song and it just sounds strange. so to you i give my applause.

Cute. :3

I found it perky and cute. :3
as a die hard mario fan, I found it pleasing. ^-^
good job.