Reviews for "Para - Our Last Breath"


amazing - you have got a very original sound

Koriigahn responds:

Thankyou very much :)

Wow, simply wow.

For once I actually loved a submission on here. This is clear originality, and astounding at the most.
I've listened to it like... 4 times already, and I still love it.
Amazing Job.

Koriigahn responds:

Haha, thankyou!

All the best my friend!


crazy awesome

granular synthesis?


I agree the feedback sounds do add some originality, you didn't really overuse it either. It's a very diverse song with some nice transitions into the different parts. Nice work.

Woot. o_o

Man, I love that blend of all the beats, and taps and things. Nice work with the Screeches that float in and out!