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Reviews for "Playing With Destiny"


This is mad epic dude

The thing that really jumps out at me is the whole feeling of the song
Its sad, yet uplifting

If it was in a movie it would be around the part where the hero is coming back from unimaginable odds

combatplayer responds:

^_~ glad u like it

thanks for the review.. if i ever have the inspiration (and time =_=) then ill try making a little movie for it.. might first be when i get to remix it some day tho xD


i count as 3.11 votes so hope it helps

combatplayer responds:

o_O thanks dude.... how the heck did u get that much of a voting power xD

this is very good

very deep and relaxing

combatplayer responds:

thanks allot ^^


really relaxing and what the others said ^_^

combatplayer responds:

lol thanks and what i replyed to the others =P ^^

This has to be in a Game, in a Death Scene!

combatplayer responds:

that would be neat, just requires someone making a death scene to feel the same way about it =P