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Reviews for "The Doom Project"

haha awesome

Absolutely brilliant, smiffys easter egg is hillarious all quality work


I love Doom, and I love this.

Was there an easter egg in this?

By the way, for the people saying the music was repetitive.. it was in-game music.. it's supposed to be.

*See Below*

Wow. Great collab. SickDeathFiend, props to you. I love your animation; a lot of time must have been put in to make the deaths, movements, and physics come together so well. Gerkinman: I enjoy your work as well, it stands out amongst the others, maybe because you had more of it in the collab, but it's still great.

My main shout out goes to Coolboyman a.k.a. the god of Newgrounds himself, Strawberry Clock. I hope he is the real one, for I thought that Strawberry was lost from the portal forever... Long live Strawberry!

Awesome music

And A really nicely animated great flash aswell. keep up the good work.

awesome! congrats!

One of the best i've seen.