Reviews for "Don't do Drugs kids"

he say: YO N***A DIS INJEKTION G VIRUS GOT ME SHOWIN MY TREW CURRAHS! OH GOD I NEED SOME BATH SOLT, MY FEET ARE BLISTERING. MMM I'M SO HUNGRY FOR PAINT RIGHT NOW. OH, LOOK AT THAT SAD LITTLE FACE. WINDOWCLEANERWINDOWCLEANERWINDOWCLEARER. oh, HOW ABOUT SOME WIN-DEX FOR THAT PAINT BALL GLASS "CLEANAH". YO N***A WHY DIS PLACE CALL BLACK MESA? neways deez Chinese twins named Yu and Mi, we was askin our n***a where Aihmz was and he was all "yo, Aims a Nazi yo dat n***a in GERRRRRRRMANY, DA PLACE WHERE DA SCAT SPLATTAS GO. omgomgomgshittehinnasplattahhousen. OMFG t(e_e)t im cumin. ich sheizzin in mein leiderhozen. yo man it's not funneh anymore it's only funneh when I PEED MY PANTS, oh here go stoned grandma again laughin onna toilet with a Chinese eyes, all like "IM PEEING IM PEEING IM PEEING!"

The thing is I don't think the character is on drugs, if I interpreted the story right. He's slowly going insane which regardless this picture portrays either one very well and for those of you thinking of getting Hotline Miami, stop thinking and get it. Back to the picture again, I love how detailed each mask is Its easily my favorite part of the picture.

This... All of this is not really happening.

i would like the drugs he's on.

Really cool, looks awesome!