Reviews for "XIN Session 15"


The quality of animation is out of the question, it's amazing this series has improved so much from the beginnings the pace and sense of timing is perfect!! The storyline has changed so much it's not even 1368 anymore great show!


This has got to be one of the best flash series ever.

The storyline, characters, action, humor, and drama are all addicting and well written.


Well, personally, I thought that the pale guy running about screaming his head off was hilarious. Compared to his normal voice, his yelling just sounded utterly ridiculous. In any case, Xin's ability to bring his bones back together is astounding. One thing bothers me, though. All the previous times, he bled from the broken limb. This time, I noticed no blood on any of his limbs when they were broken. Did Otan just fail that badly, or is Xin getting that much stronger? Whatever the answer is, this series is great!


This is an awesome series, its nice to see something with a serious plot. At the same time, corpse face getting burnt was hilarious

very very good.

a unique and EXTREMLY addicting flash. deffinitly on par with such works as broken saints and salad fingers. its a cool and addicting flash anime that combines school drama with fighting and good characters. its made in a cool anime style that is easy on the eyes and really has improved since episode 1.