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Reviews for "The Mad Cow"


dude i watch it all the time now and i LOLED until i had to show it to everyone


lol he got high :3 from haveing alot alot beer :D

O lawlz.

This made me lawl! But I knew the joke in a different way: ' I'm a butterfly!' But your version is funnier! Watched it... umm.. 3 times. xD Always makes me lol


im going to give You 10/10 cause this vid has kept me on newgrounds forever, and i like it tho its funny, specially the speed up and slow down thing. thanks for the submit altough its ages old still classic


I thought he was gonna say," Don't you think its strange that we eat and poo in the same grass?" But I like the mad cow deises thing anyway! The Pitching of the voice was pretty funny too; If I were the healthy cow, I would of backed away real slowly!!!