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Reviews for "Wall Lunch"


Nice flash! Very original, in all fronts of animation, voice, plot, music, and theme! Also, you are very rare, in that you actually made a half decent poem and around it you made a very good flash! Brillant job!

nice and er...NICE

It's a very well done thing of flashy goodness i liked the poem too, it was great. (By the way more animation would be nice!)

RoyceBiggins responds:

so many people tell to move around i guess ill start to listen aswell to them! thanks again, but this time from the fantasy legion!


I thought it was funny, every so often something comes out new and not remade or same ol same ol. Well this made it new. Good job.

RoyceBiggins responds:

hey, any more and you'll make me worry haha! thanks, friend!


It's Bill Cosby meets Humpty Dumpty... meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Some really original stuff you got here! Loved it.


Lol You know this is one of my favs... sometimes i watch it like everyday... lol I LOVE it!!!! I think i have played it more then a few times over and over... lol I wish I could download it and play it on my ipod or something... I hope newgrounds puts this one on the download list... lol Anyways GREAT JOB!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!