Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Chaoz Airflow"


I liked how it started off slow and quiet at the beginning and how it came up. I also liked the rhythm. I can't find anything wrong with this.
Review: 10/10
Rate: 5/5

Really good. Hat has come off to you.

Laughing at the people further down in the review list here and people saying

'the bass is too mellow'

make one your self idiot and see if it comes marginally as close as the quality as this.

by the way, why can't i download.


This song made it to my Selected few NDS/PC playlist (there are only 8 songs now!!!) This,Bitiumribbons 2 remixes ultimatezero and masters of chaos,Darkskies,Touhou imperishable night,- reach for the moon/immortal smoke,FF6 boss theme,FF6 final boss theme and Eternal sonata waltz boss battle...


that was awesome dude all of your songs rock :D


DA BOMB that pretty much sums it all up