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Reviews for "Little Miss Innocent"


good but your sound is overused maybe your trying to be liek other punk bands and not looking for your own sound if your looking at the big one try making your own complete style like Hollywood Undead did they made it big with rapcore they're already doing multiple interviews
the sound quality could be better too. try covering walls with soundproofing material and for guitar the best deal without paying to much is getting guitar rig and a computer sound recording program
try looking at david meshow's studio on youtube he reveals how he records his music and the quality is great

Ben-Spurgin responds:

Thanks for the tips!!

ingor idiots

this most deff a style of punk. anyone who tells you it isnt is only strengthening that fact that it is. stay strong brothas.

good, except

I love the concept, good lyrics, drum work, vocals, and guitar. You need to get some better recording equipment though... what i use for guitar is my digitech RP250 petal which hooks into my computer through USB. For vocals i use my made-for-wii logitech USB microphone ^_^, crappy but to the point. I also have an electric drumset, which i rigged to go straight into my computer thought the mic input. I use Audacity (free download! sweet!) for recording and mixing. I do all my own playing, so i record everything individually, which is nice. You're band should try recording everything seperately, and into a computer, to avoid the nasty feedback in the backround.


you cna tell it was recorded in your garage or somthing but i like it, its not really punk tho