Reviews for "Stage Fright"


I'm not sure If I've figured out the plot of this story. She has a toy monkey, but it's evil, so it burns down the building to appease her fear? Kinda creepy, but not as coherent as your other submissions. Reminds me of a Stephen King short story, I don't remember which...quite stylish, though, especially how you fade out from the reflection of the monkey's eyes to just the flame...keep it up!


this was a little strang.but it was good.how did the fire come up from the ground???

You are amazing

You seriously are amazing. I love the style of your movies. I love eveything about them. That would be so neat if you made an actual show or movie or something like that. Wonderful...


Seriously mam, you rock my world. I'll just say beautifull

not bad

didnt understand it much but still very good