Reviews for "Bloodsucker"

ART !!!

This is going to stay in Newgrounds for a very long time.
If I could vote higher I would.
Looking forward to part 2 !!

very impresive

when i saw this, i thought it was made by Blaive who did all thoes amazing dragon ball z stick fighters, and to tell you the truth i was hoping this was made by him, because im still waiting on some flashes he hasent finsihed yet, but any way this was awsome but some scenes were dragged on way to long, like the begining with the rain and the part with that purple thing burning, i just didnt want to watch that thing burning for that long, but the sound effects were amazing and somthing els that ws amaing was the drawings they were pretty to look at and very stylized, i think this has gained my top favorite flashes of all time

Glad to see it again

hehehe. Where have i seen this, oh yeah, North Penn Art show. Glad you guys put it on Newgrounds its really a great show of your skills, though i wish you could put upu the "special edition", but it many just wouldn't understand. Great Job again

spacejelly responds:

ah the special edition...Hynes Gets the Gas is on here too smewhere. there could be a Hynes section on newgrounds

thats an 11 !!!

wow, im very impressed, there was nothing wrong with that flash. the movement of the characters was very top knotch and smooth. the graphics were amazing. i loved the gun. the sounds were pretty cool, nothing to big wrong with them other than they were a little scratchy, but the only reason im mentioning them is because there is nothin else wrong with the flash to point out.

this one is deffinently going on my favorites list

cool animation....

i liked it. Even though it displayed the vampires as being evil monsters. i missed some dialog between the hunter and the vampire, as i expect both hunter and vampire to be intelligent creatures. I would like to congratulate you on the art you did on the cross, but bear in mind that not all vampires fear/gets hurt by it. I like the fact that the hunter used guns to kill with, which seems to elliminate the myth that vampires are only killed with a stake. to comment on the garlic and holy water, like the cross only specific kinds of vampires respond to those weapons, others don't even notice them. overall i think its a really nice piece of work and i hope you will make more like this. (a vampire hero would be cool as well).

spacejelly responds:

1-I like to think all vampires have a fear of blesses objects and symbols - some just repress it more than others. they ARE all demons after all. this vampire is from the old school, he fears crosses and blessed objects.
2-the purple monster is more like a vampyric helldemon, in this case, a bodygaurd summoned by the true undead vampire, who is seen in the poleroid picure with the map, and in shadow with round red eyes. the castle is infested with supernatural evil, but some demons, the vampire summons specifically for their attributes.
3-in this instance, because they were summoned using the vampire's life force as material, they retain some of its supernatural qualities. These include, not just apprehention about blessed objects but also a vunerability to silver, sunlight, and probably any sort of wooden steak. Its vunerability twords silver explains the reason for avoiding the shots fired by the hunter, who was using silver bullets. (if you look closely at the reload scene, he clip is labled "silver").
4-a vampire is undead, normal bullets would not have much of an effect. But the hunter is a professional one, and has experience dealing with undead vampires and their minions. he is definatly 100% human. Though he is familiar with the use of some nordic magic, specifically non-combat pwr.up runes like healing/regeneration.