Reviews for "Bloodsucker"


I knew this was a "five" from the first 5 seconds of animation. After hours of blamming crap in the portal, it's awesome to see something like this out there. Good job, front page, here you come...


That was so fucking hardcore! I have never seen such an awemazing flash style... very cool, I had to watch this 3 times before reviewing, this was just great. I hated how it suddenly ended though, but I await part 2. Well good luck with future work, and I hope to see this on the front, good job and 5/5.

Oh and this is so going in my favorites...

Holy shit, that was amazing!

That was incredible, brilliant, flawless, amazing!! So many words i could use to describe this masterpiece of an animation. This had some elements of flash that i havent seen better anywhere else. This is truely an amazing piece of art! Professonal almost!

The graphics were fantastic. I couldnt believe my eyes when i saw that first shot of those mountains, the land appeard cursed and seemed to be brimming with evil. If thats what you were trying to do you did a perfect job. The actual artwork was incredible and the animation wasnt nothing short of flawless. I couldnt believe how insane the animation was at some points. So smooth and you did it with detailed as hell graphics. It was awesome to see so many different animating styles in one movie. Really artistic, to smooth animation. Well it was all really artistic... You made the creatures look really scary and haunting. The rain and lightning were done amazingly. The front yard was also really artistic. The inside of the house was no worse than the rest of the artistic environments.

Your style was wicked. It was extremely cool and this also ties in with your many animating styles, all of which were amazing.The freaky feeling to the movie must have been hard to do. You nailed it perfectly. And just how i felt wacthing the movie was weird, i was so amazed at all this work youve done.The main character is one of the best and cool looking characters on Newgrounds. Just brilliant in the aspect of style.

Sound could not have been better in my opinion. The sound effects throughout were crazy! Every last one you had was just so awesome! There were so many, it felt like a movie. They were clear, very easy to hear, and just perfectly chosen. Too cool to describe your sound effects. On top of some really great sounds, the songs you had did the trick aswell. In this it was probably better not to have many songs, it set the mood much better. The many sound effects were all you needed, but the song just made it better. Audio quality was pretty sweet despite the file size.

Overall it was one of the best things i have seen in a very long time, well put it this way: Its good enough in my opinion to go in my favourite submissions. Awesome graphics, awesome style, and fantastic sounds made this what it is: a true masterpiece. Please make more i cant wait for the next one!!! 5/5


it was sensational
good graphic and sounds
I am anxious for the continuation...

flw :D


This is amazing. I love the little demonic things that look somewhat like cats. I look foreward to seeing the next part.