Reviews for "Sonic Boom Cannon"

that was sweet

i loveeeee that song i think it was from the mecha sonic movie.
i used to own a sonic video like 6 years ago and it had a preview for the mecha sonic movie. i never did get to see it though:(

Kittin Cannon?

It was like a rip off of Kittin Cannon, but this didn't even have any sound. You should really make more obsticles on the ground, and put some sound into it. This could be a good game if you put just alittle more effort into it. The graphics were exelent, however.

Liked it!

Not a bad game, it was pretty good in my opinion. fun for a bit.

Of all the Sonic Music, you picked Sonic Boom

There are plenty of awsome songs from Sonic the Hedgehog and you picked one of the worst. Aside from the music it was good. Reminded me of Nutty McNuts. Well done, liked all the unlockables.


A little rough around the edges, if it were cleaned up, would be pretty good.