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Reviews for "A Call for Honour"

ok thats it

wtf im done , ur epic, this song is epic, im not listening to another song tonight , wtf i thought to myself i wunder wat this kould be, and i get blown away with a proffessional sounding work wtf i really saw a timeline fitting this amazing soundtrack, thats right its no long jus a song on ng its a soundtrack lol very nice fav'd dwmloaded and reviewed 1,000,000/5 1,000,000/10



This is so great. I rate 10!

Holy shit this is awesome.

Wow. I was not expecting what I just heard. You really know how to use sound, I mean this sounds like the beginning of Lord of the Rings, and then turns into this epic contender/every epic sounding film put together. I just heard the words "A world of Warcraft" which makes me think this should be the official soundtrack for some kind of cinematic intro to that game. I mean this is brilliant.

Dude wtf?!?

Why does this have such a low rating right now? This is a great piece of work right here... really professionally made. And the program you are using sounds extremely real. This has gotta be one of the most professional pieces I have heard on NG I think. Great job overall with the mixture of pounding beats and pure brass and strings. Fav'd.