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Reviews for "DucktaleZ 3"


...should be required viewing for everybody! I love how you gave vegeta the nice fluid animation and kept duckburg & its residents looking crappy, and the body switch, and BRICK! Brick was just totally unexpected. I always loves this series, but this one takes the quackaroonies to a whole new level. Great work!


What separates this from the rest?

-roughly 70% funny jokes

I loled, you win an internet. Sorry this review isn't very helpful.

Freaking funny shiznit here!

this was totally awesome, when I first saw Scrooge and whatever I almost closed the damn thing but I didn't I was like WTF?! but anyways turned out to be awesome best movie I've seen on newgrounds in a long time freaking awesome, make more!

That is super duper uuber awesome.

<3 I love that utterly utterly butterly mutterly much. I shall show it to my brother as soon as possible.

Holy Hell

For anyone reading this review RIGHT NOW, Ignore anything you've seen and WATCH THIS FLASH! This is some of THE funniest shit I have EVER seen! I absolutely LOVE your flashes man, and I really hope you keep posting stuff, Not Ducktales, but other stuff...Keep going, Everyone needs a good laugh now and then!