Reviews for "Measure for Measure (Pinard)"

Point well made..

Very, well made.

I must agree

very very well writen.. Almost.. odd so good u are, i really dunno what to say about this song other then

deepness 10/10
creativity 10/10
mastering 10/10
orginality 9/10 - still good :}
sounds like music from a movie 10/10

So it's a

keep it up mate, i like this!


nathanallenpinard responds:

Much thanks. It did kinda start me with the whole scoring thing. Before this I did album stuff (family project)

Guess what?

You did it again, you got a bright future my friend...

everything its perfect

nathanallenpinard responds:

Well...not PERFECT. But it's decent for the equip.

Such a weird style of music for a Shakespeare play.

Don't mind these people...

People who say it's unfair are inconsiderate, anyone with a taste for good music and some imagination will be in extasy with your amazing music. I am so far...people will use it for their submissions and you'll be renowned
Welcome to Newgrounds, the majority who will relish your compositions will be silent and you'll only get the bitter minority of people who can't appreciate better music than their own. Don't mind them.

nathanallenpinard responds:

It's not problem. I don't mind them at all. Score isn't really a huge deal to me.

Awesome piece.

I love the feeling of this piece its nice and subtle. Excellent solo trumpet and and soloist singer.

However, all this nonsense about 'you have equipment' is just nothing but jealousy. When did it become a crime to have better hardware than everyone else? Please release uptodate pieces, there are other composers here that are also starting off proffessionally (not me) but im sure they could benefit to see the sort of competition they would have to match.

nathanallenpinard responds:

I'm trying to, but with NG rules I can't release everything depending on the project.