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Reviews for "Don't Stop Me Now"

woh hoooo

now that was a great piece of work, and to think it was made for your class, even thoo the ending as u said isnt as funny to me as it probably is to u, it wasnt too bad still, but the beginning was great, jesus sure is a good carpenter, and the see what the world would be like if you never existed sequence was great too, good job on the flash and keep it up!

Another Gem...

If I wasn't a lazy hoodlum, I'd put this on my favorite flash list. But I'm lazy, so a good review should do.

The animation was excellent, very fluid, and the voice-acting was just as good. People take good voice-acting for granted, I think. A line has to be spoken right, or it isn't as funny.

The 'plot' was good enough. I'm not really going to knock you on that, because, I mean, you weren't trying to write a fucking novel here.

The music at the end was good as well, I should pick up that CD (or tape) sometime. All around good job.

Again, I orgasm a five in your general direction. Maybe it will hit your cat...

lol XD

dude so hilariuos really funny


all i can say is WOW i thought it was great!
I really liked it 10/10 for you man!


Animation +1
Random +1
Sound +1
Music +1
Plot +1
overall it was great
5/5 =D