Reviews for "-Ricochet Love-"


well wasn't feeling the bass to much in this. the drums were good and i did like where it went but i'd like to hear it without the bass in there. but other then that not bad great work.


wow man,this thing is just...fantastic...it left me speechless...wow...great..keep up :D


I usually don't like the Drum and Bass on this site, but this was pretty good.
My only suggestion would be to bring out the bass voices more and to make the syncopated rhythms stronger.
I only give you a 9 because it didn't really strike a chord with me. No detracting from your work, just personal preference.

the shit m8 alsome


Oh, wow.

This song has a LOT of energy and i think thats one of the things that keeps me listening to this. Wonderful work. Its a lovely listen and you got deserve to be on the top 30 for sure! This is good enough for a fav from me and a 5 score =) Great work over all and keep up the music!