Reviews for "Crunchfest"

Rock on, FUNK Brs

This song is cool. Sounds like something from the 70's.


this is undiscribable :')

FUNKbrs responds:

Believe it or not, a lot of my material with "shitty" scores is BETTER than this, but everyone just downvotes them. WTF? Go through my whole catalogue and you'll find a lot of gems like this song.

I catch a lot of shit for only producing live tracks, but the technoproduction fags can kiss my ass, because every file starts with a vibration, not the other way around. I'm true to the live sound, and will be until I die. That's what gets me respect outside of the internet in production skills, and that's what makes my kind of engineering rare and VERY desirable to live bands.


Nice Heavy Metal, Friend! YOU GOT TALENT!!!

cool one

i love this song cause its too cool

Good job!

I liked it.Very funky