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Reviews for "Dracula"

very good piece

the art was very good, especially at the beginning...and while it wasn't outrageously funny (some people probably wont like it at all) i found it to be funny enough, i guess because i'm a big dracula fan (just look at my info)...if you're a fan of Dracula and comedy you'll like this, if not, give it a try anyways, you'll like the black guy...but if you're an asshole reviewer, don't watch this...people are tired of your shit

thats funny shit

this was a funny piece of work. I think it could have been better if it were longer, but ultimately it was a good flash


That was really funny! Kinof stupid at the same time though. As soon as I saw the guy standing at the door with the pizzza i laughed my ass off!!!!

Very cool

If this really is ur first submission... i think ur gonna go pretty well contributing to Newgrounds.. instead of all the crap movies that flood this place. Good work man keep it up.

the last guy iz wrong

this does not suck. itz pretty funny. also, if ya don't like swearing, don't come to this site, dumbass, cuz theres a lot of muthafuckin swearing here.