Reviews for "Amiga - Agony"

that brought back memories

awesome job on this it brought back lot of memories
the amiga was the best what happened to them is a mystery we will never know

Kolibiri responds:

Yeah, the Amiga was amazing. I'm currently trying to get my current computer to run in an Amiga environment with WinUAE :)


The Amiga RULED!! Thanks for giving tribute to the great Amiga! Even if it is a joke!

Kolibiri responds:

No no, no joke :) Just a recreation of one of my favourite Amiga games minus the actual gameplay

Brings back good memories!

Nice job! =:)
PSYGNOSIS!! lol, good memories!


ps: i liked the "insert disk 3" jokes :)

Kolibiri responds:

Haha, thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it.


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Kolibiri responds:

Whoo, thank you. I had a feeling this would get blammed, but wow, it currently has a 2.55, my respect for Newground users has incrased :)