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Reviews for "ellipse"

gorgeously done, expected of #1.

awesome track, I can tell you put some heavy thought into the orchestrated part mid-song. I have nothing bad to say about this song. I look forward to watching you make another chart topper here in the future.

If you are looking for some constructive criticism, then all I can really give you is to tone down the trippy sound you use throughout the song it kinda distracts from the piano's melody at the beginning. kinda.

broove responds:

Honestly, I don't remember how long have I thought about the middle part. But the whole song took me pretty long, yes - about a week. Thanks for a great review ;)

Very nice

you could added a violin sound though
>or did you added it?
if you did make it louder


broove responds:

A violin? Where? There is an orchestral part in the middle, but it's no need to make it louder - it would mess everything up.

Thanks for a review.


Just perfect. I'm listening this now two days non stop. And I can say, that your other works are amazing too. Greetings from Serbia

broove responds:

I'm really glad about that, thanks, pal ;)
Hi from Latvia


wow this may be a bit dragged out but when it gets into it you have all the right instrument in all the right places all i can say is nice.........

broove responds:

Very good then. Thanks for a review.

great song

great music that would fit a dramatic movie very well

broove responds:

maybe. thanks man