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Reviews for "Grave 2"


Overall very good game for a 13 year old. But i couldnt help noticing...6'2 130 lbs? must be a really really skinny guy then huh?

Kinda Easy, Art is ok for someone whos like 13...

A little too easy, and i really didnt have that much fun...maybe its just me, i unno. Ne way make some more games and ill be sure to check them out


Well I can say one thing unlike me i cant program at all but im a good artest perhaps one day i shall submit one of my flashes but keep up the great work and Hope to see some more one day.


nice game, rather short though so i won't give it a very good score
also: in instrucions u talk about the enamy (wrong spelling, it's enemy)
u should make more levels for the game and i think it was rather easy, but maybe that's just me..
also i seemed to have noticed a bug (not sure) when i used my hand gun to kill the spiders, nothing happened and they just kept crawling no matter how much i shot them..


fun to play

FrostedMuffins responds: