Reviews for "Sonic In Heat"

funny shit

i've seen better, but that got a couple of laughs out of it. what was earl? some kind of slug? anywayz,good job. i thought it was funny.

um... funny but confusing

yea ..... it was ok and all but the subtitles went fast and it was prretty weird too. but funny nonthenless

Oh my god :D

Oh god that was so funny... the voices were hilarious!!! Nice job. I'd like to see some more shorts by you :)


That was good.

ha! ha!

dude! no effence but sonic wouldn't really go for a chick like that, and by the way, he's one sexy hedghog!(I had a crush on him when i was 12...dont laugh at me!)he doesnt have to go begging to get some! and next time, try hooking him up w/ a sailor scout from sailormoon . but I have to say, that movie was kinda cute.