Reviews for "Power Trip (Contra Force)"

Way to go bro!

This song rocks. Way to keep the Spirit of the good ol' NES alive! You got my respect. I really want to learn how to make stuff like this, and the great chiptunes you have composed.

So Nice

So nice to see that the spirit of that old NES is still alive, also Contra Force is such a great game. That is stage 2! Your remix was awesome, not very far away from the original song but still matches perfectly the style of the game. You deserve this 10/10!

My god, this is good

I already love 8-bits, but you've intensified it for me now. VERY rockin' with a major feel for the classics! Well done!

Ah, Level 2, The Submarine Stage

Hey man great work, but to be honest with you, I really wished you did the song up to the original speed because that is what truly makes the song great but either way, awesome job.


from 4:00 BEST part!!!!!