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Reviews for "[ f ] 300 Remix"


Nice. I loved the drums.

flashmac responds:

Thanks for the review


liked the drum.Really great to play halo3 on line listening to it.hi hi hi.good job

flashmac responds:

hope it helps you kick ass lol. Thanks bro

Nice Job

You did an excelent job woth this the drums especialy...idk if u ever heard of a site called "mybeatshop.com" but if u wanna get money from people buying your beats or from battling other producers there its a good site...o and u can battle other producers without putting any money up just to get ur name known there...from wat i see u would be murdering other producers if u signed up for the site

flashmac responds:

I'll look into the website. Thanks for the review, I appreciate it


This track is solid, the drums have always been your strong point and I was loving that kick? I don't know what to call it lol, it's like a chopped Godzilla stomp of some sort >_> Well I hope you get the point but I'm loving this beat man, the sample is great. Stay up.

flashmac responds:

Thanks a lot man

It's jus ok

There are some really hype chops and great drum change ups this but it really does not do much for me. The overall flow is smooth the transition are well put together but it could really use a good mix down and EQ. Not bad 8/10 4/5 =db=

I holding a sample beat battle check my news page for more info.

Keep at it

Omega Phantom

flashmac responds:

You told me about your battle allready