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Reviews for "inside the machine ship"

Looks like Requiem from Halo 4. Very Promethean look about it.

Image caption:

Chad explains to Sara about his hobby of being supreme overlord and conquerer of planets.

In seriousness, this is sci-fi art at its best.

"This polished steel walkway is suspended over a vast chasm crossed with fusion beams, at a tilt, and there are no walkways. Space-OSHA is going to have our heads for this."

Damnit Doctor, you managed to regenerate again and get your new companion into a life or death situation... AGAIN

Very nice! =D The only thing catching my eye is that there is no reason why that light is coming down from the ceiling. I know it´s for lighting the characters up but it seems a bit too bright. Maybe if you tried to make it so that the characters only gets a bit lit by some reflected light from somewhere (why I don´t write any place specific is because I just started to read up on reflected light so there is no way I would know that as of now). It would though, make for a more gloomy or eerie picture and maybe that´s not what you where going for. And for such a strong light I think it would be more of a shadow casted from the persons on that walkway. Anyway , it´s a great piece of art in any case. Just tried to give some constructive critic. And personally, I could never, as of now, paint something like this. Nice! =D