Reviews for "I am a cow"


I thought that was funny as hell. It reminds me of all the fucked up hill billies in Amreica.
You gotta love NEWGROUNDS!!!!
The worst thing about that movie was that there actually r people like that too!


Wait a second let me get this strait - at the beginning, the cow's utter was in another cows mouth? how in the hell? oh well

nine inch nails rocks!!!

DAMN NINE INCH NAILS ROCKS!!! this ; however, sucks me SHIT ASS!!!!!!!! And fuck I'm sick of people submitting shit that isn't there own..... it makes it harder for us ANIMATORS that actually make shit to get on the top 50... fuck off damnit!
tom fulp should erase this SHIT!

NiN responds:

well well...nin rockz, i know that, but whaz your problem? would it better that 100 stick damm shit cartoons in the portal? i don't think so...get off my nuts boy...


HAHAHA oh my god thats funny as hell...hahhaah what a cool song...AHHAHAHAHA...DUDE THIS SHOULD BE AT LIKE NUMBER 2 OF ALL TIME...HAHAHHAHAHAHA

Hold on.

Since when did cows have horns