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Reviews for "-Orange-"

WOW! DAMN CHRISTIAN KROGSVOLD!!!! This song is SO MOTHERFUCKIN' AMAZING!!!! Regarding the description you say about the love, this song makes me think about my crush (I don't have girlfriend but naahh I don't care) (Literally) and think about the couples, and makes me feel in loved too XDDD.

So, let's see the other side (about this song), the rest is AMAZING WATERFLAME!!! I love your music. YOU DESERVE 100 thousand trillions stars for this song!!! (5 obviously) GOOD JOB CHRISTIAN M. KROGSVOLD!!!!!

One question how long did you made this song it is made in 2008 & is this really souds like jumper :(


I used it on a Mickey mouse level in Geometry Dash 😀

Newgrounds is orange too....