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Reviews for "Sonia's Escape"

Art at its Finest!

This was a brilliant animation...

The graphics were amazing...
The sound fit the movie perfectly, and it was of such high quality...
If you made this longer, its worthy of getting on the big screen (in my opinion)...

This was soo professional, so brilliant, so amazing... Words cant really describe my feelings toward this piece... I hope you make more like this!



Nu ti daesh chuvak, eto billo cruto, uxti. That was great man, for the faggot below me i speak russian and it was really not necessery to understand the movie...ur just a moron and that was awsome....a bit different but awsome.


the movie was great, no doubt the officer represented glutton excess and corruption, while Sonia represented a rebel. Although some of the parts i didnt quite get, the escape was ingenious. The art style was different, but not a bad thing. Definitely a unique style, sorta like a water downed Dr. Seuss.

this is good

this is a very very good movie if u could make sequels instead of one whole thing at once it wont take as long to download. and i agree with the guy before you should put in english subtitles


Great moovie. Abstract and very artistic.
Shame many people here "don't get" it. What is it that you dont get ? Its not like Kol's flashes, where you have to perhaps overlook several times to get the meaning. Here its just the story, a funny one too :)
Sonya releases her bugs in the metro, just for fun i guess, then a mean police officer catches her and throws her in prison. Then one of the bugs (fly) flies to inform Grandma that her grandaughter is in trouble. Grandma and Cat pack a package for her and take it to prison. Sonya at first doesnt understand why they sent her a bunch of junk, but then everything works out.
PS: The fly got hit by lightning while helping Sonya, but instead of getting fried by the electricity, it absorbed it and anyone standing close to the fly got shocked.