Reviews for "Andromeda .:SB:."

Hey its foreinginsh!

I dont know it was chill rapish foreign stuff and I liked it cuz you made it and your just.

Gorgorothx responds:

heh, thanks man!


yeah ok its prity good at 1:40 it realy picked up.

i take up this challenge

suggesting i make an experimental flash eh?

well i shall now using this
i have ideas from just listening :)

good work..... again

Gorgorothx responds:

Ha, thanks!!! Let me know when you've completed it so I can watch!


I was digging it, it was smooth and spacey in the beginning, but I really liked the ending with the retro chaotic 8 bit beat. I don't have a spot for it for an animation as of now because I was thinking of making a courtroom drama( well you know, Newgrounds version of a courtroom drama) but if I do anything in between I'll be sure to use this : ()

Gorgorothx responds:

heh, cool. A courtroom drama, eh? I'd like to see that haha


This song is the perfect relax song!
Good work; Gorgorothx!

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks, man. I appreciate the feedback